Wedding planning can be a task, instead of being enjoyed. Overwhelming and scary, you can feel like you are going round in circles when choosing table settings, furniture hire and feel like you are making massive decisions blind.

We, along with 4 other top wedding vendors, created Assemble. A one on one appointment with wedding planning couples, specialised and interactive. Appointments gave our couples to ask questions, touch and feel furniture and create a 3D model of their marquee.



Catering can determine so many decisions when it comes to furniture hire.
And a trend we are seeing move into wedding catering and dining decisions is Family Style. Creating that intimate feeling, the sharing of food, conversation starters, Family Style is such a beautiful way to feed your guests.

But when choosing Family Style dining, you need the room! So L.L listened to our guests to create a brand new table for hire. Our new white 1M wide tables were created specifically for family style.

These tables are also ideal hires for full tableware styling, wine & water glasses, entree and main plates, our 1M wide tables ensure your guests do not feel cramped and you have the room to style!




Kylie & Scott chose our walnut bentwood chairs to seat all their guests for an under the stars, mid summer wedding reception in Tauranga.

We could not think of a better way to style an outdoor soiree, with Kylie choosing an incredible array of vendors to create her dream day.

And as the skies cleared, and the rain halted, Kylie got her dream finale, to the most special of days. It is so incredible important to have a clear plan for your furniture hire when it comes to the unpredictable weather, and Kylie was so incredibly smart when planning for that.

Choose our walnut bentwood if you are looking for a classic, simple and timeless chair option. The walnut bentwood mixes well with both wood and linen, giving a natural and soft element to your style.
Our walnut bentwood is also a great option for large scale receptions, being a comfortable and easy to move furniture piece.


Photography - Bespoke
Walnut Bentwood Chairs - LL Hire
Linen - Tble Linen
Florals - Primm Gardens
Lighting - Twelve Tables
Tableware - Royal Laboratorie

furniture hire tauranga
furniture hire tauranga
furniture hire tauranga
furniture hire tauranga
furniture hire tauranga


Experience our beautiful GLL gowns in person at our New York showroom under the guidance of our expert stylist team, offering tailored assistance & first class service.jpeg
moonlight caladium 🌙 adding this beauty to my plant wish list.jpeg
a131ab52b45781e6e888748a4a88eae3 (1).jpg




We couldn’t have loved working with Julia-Rose more leading up to her wedding day. She had a very clear vision, a strong style aesthetic and the kindest nature, which is an incredible combination.
Our 10 x 20m Clear Marquee was the perfect base for her dream day.
Sitting amongst their family property in Te Akau, Waikato, our Clear Marquee was a striking feature, filled with white, pink and green florals and chic, modern white & clear furniture pieces.
When hiring your clear marquee, layout is so important, so we work very closely with each client, to create a floor plan that works perfect for your guest number, furniture and also a clear wet weather plan, because you ALWAYS need a back up.

Clients like Julia-Rose & Hamish make our job a dream.

”We used Lucy and the team at LL for a family wedding in March. Not only Lucy but her team are absolutely outstanding, always going the extra mile. We hired numerous items but the highlight was the high quality clear marquee which now our business will be using for future events. We can't thank you enough Lucy, Joe and team for making our event possible, you are an outstanding team, always welcoming and nothing is impossible for LL. We really felt apart of the LL family. THANK YOU.”
Julia- Rose Hayes | SUMMER 2019

All Imagery - Sophie Isabella Photo
Florals - Blush
Styling - The White Wedding Club



When hiring a big ticket item like a marquee comes with a lot of questions.

It’s an investment, a big decision and a huge relief all in one, so here are a few questions that are regulars on our emails, to hopefully give you a little more insight into booking a clear marquee with LL.

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

How hot does a clear marquee get?

Like any marquee, they heat with sun and body heat, but when hiring a clear marquee with LL, you can be assured that due to the high quality of our manufacturers, our marquees are UV resistant to the highest degree.

We also include a marquee cover with every marquee, so vendors such as your florist and caterers can prepare your special day without being in direct sunlight.

To create airflow, all the walls of the marquee can also be raised and lowered easily. We specifically asked for our walls to all be able to roll and clip at the top, to create a streamline and clear look, instead of bunching like curtains. Making the entire marquee look cleaner and mess free.

Do you travel? What are the costs to deliver outside of Tauranga?

Yes! LL travel north island wide.

We design each clear marquee quote for your specific requests and travel, so the best way to determine your delivery coatings.

Image courtesy of wild & grace

Image courtesy of wild & grace

Do you have flooring options?

Good question! YES!

LL now carries a range of white wood panel flooring. We chose this to ensure a non slip, non glare flooring option.

You can create a full floor, half floor or dance floor with our flooring.

When do you set up? How long does it take?

We love to work around our clients, so we find a Wednesday or Thursday before their wedding day works best. This gives our clients time and a non stress environment to style, set up and change their floor plans and style options.

Once our team arrives on site, set up of your marquee takes between 4-5 hours and takes a team of 4.

Our team is efficient and experienced. They follow a strict health and safety guideline and have all been trained to the highest degree, to ensure the best for each client.

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

What are your lighting options?

All our clear marquees come with the option of over 150m of marquee grade LED festoon lighting.

These are installed by our team, and can be strung to the lighting design of each individual client.




“I was lucky on one hand, we had plenty of time to plan and work through all the details with 18 months planning which helped chunk up the planning and the overwhelming nature of it all (on the other hand it can feel like the wedding is long awaited!).


Something I would highly recommend to any couple is to hire a co-ordinator if one doesn’t come with your venue or if planning and styling is not your jam – honestly cut $ from somewhere in the budget and pass that stress to someone else.

We worked with Alina @ Wild & Whim about 12 months out and tailored a package that worked for us as I wanted to do all the planning and styling myself but knew we would need help in the week of and weekend. So we hired her for an ‘on the day’ co-ordinator package. We had a DIY venue- so we literally brought everything in and that comes with a lot of logistics and set up which takes time – it was great to hand over the reins the day before with someone who has seen and done it all before!”


“I really wanted our wedding to be about our family and friends enjoying themselves and not having to lift a finger so I kept the planning admin to a minimum for everyone involved in the led up, but the reality is you do need a lot of hands on deck in the days leading up (I truly underestimated that!) so if people offer to help, as much as you may not want to accept it – do it, take up their offers to help hang lights, set up tables – whatever it is if they are wanting to help. “


“ followed lots of wedding suppliers on Instagram early before I started officially planning – so I already knew which suppliers I loved and ultimately booked for our day really early on. I used their posts and stories for inspiration in the early days until my own style and vision became clear- which also came once we locked in the venue and a look and feel for the day started to emerge. (If you save posts/ Pinterest etc and you look back through them you really get a sense of what you like more than the rest as you will tend to like the same style images over and over again).”

“I have said so many times since our wedding that I felt really lucky as while I had a really clear vision for the style of our day – but it was finding suppliers that also shared that same style and atheistic was what brought it to life aka: LL Furniture-  Finding your furniture supplier that has the chairs and bars you had dreamt of is really what brings the vision to life! (and Lucy’s insta stories are the best! I think I watched everyone for a year!).”

“I followed their posts and you spot one of their real brides who has amazing lighting – and you find your lighting supplier and so on! I found that there is this amazing network of wedding vendors that all work closely together if they have a similar vibe and aesthetic and your vision tends to be shaped from there. When you find those key suppliers honestly – they are the best. Talk to them, ask them about what else you are thinking for the day as it will probably turn out they are looking at adding something to their stock/ range.

When I started planning I wanted big white umbrellas and leaners for the cocktail and games hours – and I originally thought I have no idea where to get these from– and then Lucy added them to her range, when you find ‘your suppliers’ they honestly bring your vision to life.

One thing I have noticed since planning a wedding over 2 seasons is wedding trends are ever evolving – so get that inspo and talk to your suppliers – they will no doubt make it happen for you!”

Narissa+Damien_Previews00041 (1).jpg


”I now understand why you have a bridal party! Even if you don’t want an official bridal party, having friends with a calming influence around you on the day of certainly helped and having family around really made the day special. We also had a night before welcome party so seeing everyone arrive, and in one place for one reason is pretty dam humbling I have to say. It made me even more excited for the day, and aware of what was important – sharing love with ALL of your favourite people in one place. Everything else just fades into the background.

I personally really struggled the morning of the wedding waking up and having nothing to do and all the madness of planning was all of a sudden over- but knowing the co Ordinator and boys were running around doing last minute jobs and not being able to help wasn’t in my nature- so my advice would be to try and enjoy that stillness and quiet time on the morning rather than walk around trying to find things to do like I was!!! Haha – my bridesmaid and family just laughed at me, they thought it was hilarious and helped make me just sit and relax. 

At the same time, this natural calmness just comes over you, knowing that if it hasn’t been thought about by now- it can’t be important! And I was just so excited to be a wifey that I couldn’t wait for the day to unfold!”



“When we first started planning both myself and my now hubby did our own budget for the wedding… and then we shared them over a bottle of wine one night! It was such a laugh, of course mine was a lot higher than Damien’s and Damien had low balled everything!

We were lucky to get a couple of friends budgets so we used that as a base for things like alcohol quantities, and then we agreed on a total budget that we could afford and also was realistic (in other words … my budget haha). We tried really hard to stay to that budget –and it was great as it definitely helped answer the ‘is it really a necessary expense’ or what were splurge items and what wasn’t important.. But I would recommend building in a buffer from day 1 as it will get eaten into, it’s just reality. In other words, don’t spend your full budget on day 1, because you will forget things or need to add things on near the end and it helps with that feeling of how on earth are we going to pay for that?”

Narissa+Damien_Previews00013 (1).jpg


“I have lots of advice !

Try and enjoy every minute of the planning and think of it as exciting and not as admin (it’s all about mindset), be decisive on some of the big calls by going with your gut and not agonising over it… and it helps if you have an agreed day/ time you talk about the wedding ‘details’ with your partner at home- don’t let it dictate your every date night or time you spend together engaged. (and do it with a few beverages.. helps if they are relaxed haha)”

“Lean on the amazing vendors you have selected as I found every one of them so helpful and so willing to share ideas. Oh and… get a videographer it was our last-minute splurge and it was the best idea ever. (Sink or Surface! – Ben is amazing).”

“And lastly it’s true- it will be the most amazing day of your life, not because of the colour of the napkins but because everyone you love are there to celebrate your love.”

All imagery courtesy of Bek Smith Photography.


Lighting creates a mood, a feeling, it can change the entire style of your clear marquee wedding. But it can be sometimes left to a last minute decision.
From statement pendants, to festoons and twinkling fairy lights, here is a little inspiration.

And if you are looking to create an incredible lighting feature, here are some of our FAVOURITE lighting vendors

La Lumiere
Vintage & Style
Royal Laboratorie
The Edison Project

clear marquee hire | LL furniture hire
clear marquee hire | LL furniture hire
marquee hire | LL furniture hire
marquee hire | LL furniture hire
clear marquee hire | LL furniture hire
marquee hire | LL furniture hire
marquee hire | LL furniture hire
marquee hire | LL furniture hire
marquee hire | LL furniture hire


As we move closer to our next season marketing campaign, it is so nice to look back on our previous campaigns and L.L Bride was one of our all time favourites.
Creating branding and marketing and involving our clients in our campaigns is such a huge, pivotal part of our business. YOU are the client and YOU are our inspiration.

The L.L Bride was based on that special kind of bride that chooses L.L to be apart of their wedding day.
Their exceptional qualities, personalities and nature that makes them a cut above the rest.


Why choose a clear marquee with L.L Hire?

Why choose a clear marquee for your wedding? We specialise in Clear Marquee Hire within NZ. We hire stunning clear Wedding Marquees. Located in Tauranga we deliver to Auckland and North Island wide.