Choosing a vendor to work with on THE biggest day of your life is harder than you think. To find what you are looking for, what you never knew you were looking for and a style that is just right for you is a hard task. Add in that a vendor like L.L works extremely closely with each client, so making sure your personalities align, making you feel comfortable, free of anxiety and confident to ask anything to, it is a hard task.

When an L.L Bride comes to us, we can just tell. We get a feeling, every time. These women are special. They are unique, and they have a cool factor like no other.

We wanted you to hear their stories, their journeys and how they came to be, an L.L Bride to be.

150 Guests
10 x 20m Clear Marquee
White Family Style Tables & Ghost Chairs
White Bar
Bar Leaners & White Bentwood Stools
Modular Lounge & White Market Umbrellas

Currently, what is the biggest struggle you are having with the wedding planning process?

The biggest struggle I am currently having is probably my time management. It seems like every night all I do when I come home from work is sit on my laptop and email people or look up inspiration on Pinterest etc. I can totally see why people hire a planner so they can have a good life balance and not fall behind on the growing pile of unfolded washing while they plan a wedding. Doesn’t help that I only had 6 months tho plan the thing 🤪.

What made you decide to work with L.L?

The initial attraction to LL hire was there amazing product (in particular ghost chairs and clear marquee), reasonable prices and the fact they would deliver all the way to Taranaki!! What sealed the deal was when I had a phone call with Lucy and automatically had a good feeling about going with LL. She is super easy to get along with and goes out of her way to answer all your questions and solve any problems

Are you focussed on a trend when it comes to your styling, or are you looking for classic.
What is defining your style for your wedding day?

I am definitely going for a modern/classic/simple style for my wedding. I am not the most creative person so keeping it simple with colours and styling made planning a whole lot easier. Ll hire has the most beautiful, classic pieces in their range which fits perfectly with the style I want to achieve.