When hiring a big ticket item like a marquee comes with a lot of questions.

It’s an investment, a big decision and a huge relief all in one, so here are a few questions that are regulars on our emails, to hopefully give you a little more insight into booking a clear marquee with LL.

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

How hot does a clear marquee get?

Like any marquee, they heat with sun and body heat, but when hiring a clear marquee with LL, you can be assured that due to the high quality of our manufacturers, our marquees are UV resistant to the highest degree.

We also include a marquee cover with every marquee, so vendors such as your florist and caterers can prepare your special day without being in direct sunlight.

To create airflow, all the walls of the marquee can also be raised and lowered easily. We specifically asked for our walls to all be able to roll and clip at the top, to create a streamline and clear look, instead of bunching like curtains. Making the entire marquee look cleaner and mess free.

Do you travel? What are the costs to deliver outside of Tauranga?

Yes! LL travel north island wide.

We design each clear marquee quote for your specific requests and travel, so the best way to determine your delivery coatings.

Image courtesy of wild & grace

Image courtesy of wild & grace

Do you have flooring options?

Good question! YES!

LL now carries a range of white wood panel flooring. We chose this to ensure a non slip, non glare flooring option.

You can create a full floor, half floor or dance floor with our flooring.

When do you set up? How long does it take?

We love to work around our clients, so we find a Wednesday or Thursday before their wedding day works best. This gives our clients time and a non stress environment to style, set up and change their floor plans and style options.

Once our team arrives on site, set up of your marquee takes between 4-5 hours and takes a team of 4.

Our team is efficient and experienced. They follow a strict health and safety guideline and have all been trained to the highest degree, to ensure the best for each client.

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

Image courtesy of Wild & Grace

What are your lighting options?

All our clear marquees come with the option of over 150m of marquee grade LED festoon lighting.

These are installed by our team, and can be strung to the lighting design of each individual client.