In this series, we talk to some of our past brides to discuss tips and tricks for planning a wedding, their style and all the details leading up to their big day.


"Be brave to turn away from traditions or current trends, if it's not what your in to or you really don't want to follow a tradition, then don't. Embrace who you are, stick to what you love and love it hard."




Logan and I met while we were both working at a surf shop in Hamilton. Logan was studying at the time and I was the manager, I was his boss. We have been together for nearly 9 years and have never let adventures stop. We both love to travel, we have seen the world together and our favourite spot is Bali and New York. We bought a house a couple of years ago but currently live at the school hostel. We are both teachers so we seem to be on the go a lot but we enjoy our busy fast paced lifestyle. 

The proposal came as a big surprise as we hadn't really talked about it or had any marriage plans but one random Friday afternoon logan decided to pop the question. 

I arrived home one Friday afternoon and on the door was a note saying "I've gone for a run but your fun as just begun...". From there I had to follow a random notes around the house and the whole time I thought it was leading me to the fridge. The last clue was to head outside to where it all began. I walked outside and there was Logan down on one knee. It was the perfect proposal, it was at our home, it came as a complete surprise and we celebrated with burger fuel and friends. 



Soon after the proposal, we flew to Bali for a holiday with friends. While in Bali we booked our photographers and didn't book anything else until the new year which was 5 months after Logan proposed. We always knew we wanted to get married at my Mum and Dads place in Kinloch so we didn't have the stress of looking at venues. In the new year we booked our marquee and trestle tables. From there we booked everything else as we found it or if we fall in love with something. 


We didn't always have a clear idea on what our style was but it was clear we wanted something that reflected us as a couple. Once we got into the planning of the wedding, it was very clear the rustic and vintage look was the 'go to theme' but it was not us at all. We ended up taking inspiration from random cafes around the world. We love to create conversation around food so we knew we wanted the food to set the vibe during the reception. The cafes we love keep their tables uncluttered and simple, food and decor is organic and colours are chic. 

It was really hard to hire things that reflected that style we wanted because most hire places have vintage and rustic things. We had to hunt high and low and in the end we made the certain things we wanted but couldn't find, like the bar and the table numbers. 

We wanted our wedding to be simple but stunning. The view was our best prop! We chose the clear marquee because we wanted to create an outdoor feel and to always see the view. We kept flowers to a minimum, I'm not a huge flower person so I wasn't going to follow the trend of a million flowers decorating the room and we kept all colours black, white and natural greens with a hint of brown in a few places. To us it was simple, chic, organic, modern and fashion forward and it was exciting to see our plans come together. 


During the planning process we would email specific vendors and ask for quotes etc but in the end we found ourselves choosing vendors who gave us the best customer service. All our vendors were such nice people and lovely to deal with. When it came to deciding which vendor to chose and comparing prices, we always chose the customer service over the price. It was an expensive exercise but we knew we had to deal with these people right to the very end and there was no way we were going to choose a vendor based on the cheapest quote if their customer service was not flash. It was worth every penny to deal with amazing people! We couldn't rave about our vendors enough. They all had their specific pieces that matched our style and working with them all was a dream. 


We had a rough budget set but knew we had a little flexibility if we wanted to spend more, which we did! It got to a point where it was getting a bit ridiculous because we seemed to like the most expensive of everything. In the end we would decide if we loved something a lot and it was expensive, we would get it but something else had to go, for example we didn't have favours or a band, both things were not important to us. 


During the whole process we made sure every decision was based on our likes and it was truly what we wanted as a couple. I think a lot of people can be forced into a decision based on family wants or the demands of others. My biggest advise is stick to what you love as a couple not what everyone else thinks. Everyone will have an opinion but it's your day as a couple. Everyone is there to celebrate you so make your wedding day reflect that. 

Also be brave to turn away from traditions or current trends, if it's not what your in to or you really don't want to follow a tradition, then don't. Embrace who you are, stick to what you love and love it hard. 

Imagery - Benjamin and Elise Photography
Furniture - Louisiana Lucy
Glassware - Maree and Co Boutique
Floral Wall - Sienna Reid Creations
Lighting - V & S Wedding and Event Lighting